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Cybersecurity - 23 MAY 2024

Turning Back the Disinformation Tide

Defensive measures businesses can take right now can reduce vulnerability in the event of the sudden appearance of false information. Brunswick Review speaks with cybersecurity experts Lisa Kaplan and Preston Golson.


Leadership - 14 MAY 2024

World's Best Pastry Chef

Nina Métayer is the first female to be named World’s Pastry Chef. She is French of course. By Aurélia de Lapeyrouse and Sophie Gotelf.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences - 09 MAY 2024

Women's Health: Out of the Shadows

After decades of neglect, it’s time to recognize that investing in women’s health is the right and smart thing to do. Ben Hirschler and Charis Gresser report.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Gillian Tett

Sensing that ESG signaled a lasting shift in the corporate world, she co-founded a Financial Times newsletter called Moral Money. By Charles Pretzlik & Tom Matthew.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Listen Through the Noise

The title of this panel discussion of sustainable finance experts says it all: The Future of ESG.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

A Masterclass in Systems Change

Jeremy Oppenheim, Founder and Senior Partner of Systemiq, offers his views on how corporates can benefit from looking beyond traditional walls to become “system shapers.”


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

The Red Dot Becoming a Green Hub

Singapore wants to become Asia’s—and the world’s—sustainable finance center. That’s a big deal for ESG proponents—a possible model for blending ambition with pragmatism.


Energy and Resources - 02 MAY 2024

China's "Pragmatic" Energy Transition

Two experts on the country’s green energy program talk to Brunswick about the climate roadmap of the world’s second-largest economy.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 02 MAY 2024

Why Investors are Looking at LGBTQ+ Inclusion

An Open For Business coalition study finds connections between transparent reporting and profits for investors.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

B Corp in APAC

Entrepreneurs in Singapore and Hong Kong are seeing advantages to the structured commitments a B Corp status provides. Daniel Del Re reports.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

An Activist Mindset in Systems Transformation

An excerpt from The Activist Leader by Jon Miller and Lucy Parker.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

COP28: What's Next

Fossil fuels flagged, carbon capture muted, new alliances formed, food systems on the table—Brunswick’s Wolfgang Blau & Phil Drew share key implications for business from the historic summit.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

How to Avoid Greenwashing

Corporate claims around climate change are coming under increasing scrutiny in Asia. A report co-written by the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) outlines the steps companies and investors need to take to avoid greenwashing. By Stacey Chow.


Crisis - 02 MAY 2024

The Resilience Imperative

Around the world, climate-related disruptions are no longer theoretical risks, but here-and-now realities for business. By Jon Miller.

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ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024


A climate scientist’s very good day in court.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

The Investor Case

ESG analysis is establishing itself as core business practice despite entrenched efforts to dismiss it, say Brunswick’s Dan Lambeth & Kanhai Parasharya.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

The Rise of ESG in the Boardroom

A larger perspective reveals growing investor pressure on the underlying issues. By Brunswick’s Pru Bennett and Rory Macpherson.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024


In the 5th edition of the Brunswick Social Value Review, we aim to find the signal in the noise.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

ESG Regulation Around the World

The global picture is complicated and in flux. But the momentum is clear.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

ISSB's Emmanuel Faber

A titan of business assumes the leadership of a sustainability nonprofit. By Pascal Lamy, Chair of Brunswick Europe.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Forward Faster

As CEO of the UN Global Compact, Sanda Ojiambo leads the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The world is “way off course” to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, she says. Business can help get it back on track.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 01 MAY 2024

Familial Footsteps

Ken Shibusawa is Japan’s leading voice on stakeholder capitalism. The Brunswick Senior Advisor reflects on the ESG landscape today, opportunities ahead for Japanese companies and the legacy of his famous ancestor, called “the father of Japanese capitalism.”


Finance - 02 MAY 2024

Banking on Entrepreneurs

Rishi Khosla, the Co-Founder of leading neobank OakNorth, talks about serving the “missing middle” of enterprise and the role that segment plays in society. By Brunswick's Alice Gibb and Carlton Wilkinson.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 24 APRIL 2024

ESG Checkup in Brazil

As a practical matter, long-term success demands ESG discipline, says Dr. Jeane Tsutsui, CEO of Brazilian medical diagnostics company Grupo Fleury. She speaks with Brunswick’s Roberta Lippi and Daniel Wiedemann about her journey.


24 APRIL 2024

Checkup do ESG no Brasil

Em termos práticos, o sucesso de longo prazo exige disciplina ESG, diz a Drª Jeane Tsutsui, CEO do Grupo Fleury. Ela fala com Roberta Lippi e Daniel Wiedemann, da Brunswick, sobre sua jornada.

Paavo Nurmi Winning 5,000 Meter Race

Entertainment - 15 APRIL 2024

Critical Moment: Paris Olympics, 1924

With the 2024 Games returning to Paris this summer, we look back at the 1924 Paris Olympics.


Leadership - 19 APRIL 2024

In Conversation: Salman Amin

A love of brands transformed Salman Amin from engineer to marketing chief with a brief stint as reality television star of business. Now he’s the CEO of global biscuit and chocolate maker pladis, home to iconic brands such as McVitie’s and Godiva.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 17 APRIL 2024

The Invisible Runner

At the London Marathon, Jono Astle is trying to set a world record he would have never chosen. By Edward Stephens.


Energy and Resources - 21 MARCH 2024

What Do Your Tax Returns Have to Do with the US’s Clean Energy Transition?

More than you’d expect, according to Sourav Bhowmick, Chief of Staff in the Treasury’s IRA Implementation Office.

thewfhissue_Accelerating Women in Tech_pic1

Leadership - 01 DECEMBER 2023

Accelerating Women in Tech

Will COVID-19 put gender diversity in the tech world on the backburner—or provide a crucial jolt to eradicate dated policies and thinking? Laura Stebbing, Co-CEO of accelerateHER, talks to Brunswick’s Meaghan Ramsey and Inez Bartram Vilar.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 07 MARCH 2024

The Woman in the Mirror

Unilever’s Arabic web platform Miraa hosts Arab women in an ongoing conversation on female beauty and healthcare.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 08 MARCH 2024

Mary Beard

The celebrated author, academic and feminist speaks with Brunswick’s Edward Stephens.


Entertainment - 14 APRIL 2021

Fighter for Half the Sky

Many women in China take inspiration from World Champion Zhang Weili. By Yadan Ouyang.


Leadership - 05 MARCH 2024

Milken Institute CEO Richard Ditizio

Decades of careful listening inform his leadership. By Tanisha Carino and Molly Millerwise Meiners.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 29 FEBRUARY 2024

Engineering Life

From “green” chemicals to carbon-neutral cement, the power of microbes to make industrial materials could play a key role in the transition away from fossil fuels. Brunswick’s Ben Hirschler reports.

On the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 22 FEBRUARY 2024

AI's Rough Road

Public fears of the latest AI technology are going to get worse before they get better, says Brunswick’s Robert Moran. But they will get better.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 22 FEBRUARY 2024

Cleveland Clinic's London Calling

A new hospital brings to the UK both state-of-the-art technology and a distinctive approach to care. Brunswick’s Aideen Lee and Kathleen Lang report.


Consumer Industries - 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Kellanova Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane

Guided by the example of founder William Keith Kellogg, Cahillane executed a transformation of considerable consequence across the global food industry.


Consumer Industries - 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Spirit of the Founder

Transparency and empathy guided the spinoff that created Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co. By Kris Bahner.


Consumer Industries - 20 FEBRUARY 2024

WK Kellogg Co Chairman and CEO Gary Pilnick

He’s the leader of a new cereal company with century-old roots and a venerable name—WK Kellogg Co.


Consumer Industries - 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Legacy Rooted in Family

Once she was a Battle Creek reporter charged with covering Kellogg Co. Now the first Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for the new WK Kellogg Co, Stacy Flathau shares her story and her view of the spinoff.

Kellogg_Reveal_SocialPost-Times Square

Consumer Industries - 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Mr. Kellogg Would Approve

A spinoff that offered enormous opportunity for a 118-year-old company also posed challenges for executives determined to chart a new course while honoring the legacy of their founder.


Consumer Industries - 16 FEBRUARY 2024

Leica's Century

CEO Matthias Harsch talks to Brunswick’s Karoline von Tschurtschenthaler and Kevin Helliker about the camera maker’s evolution and endurance.


Education - 12 FEBRUARY 2024

AI Goes to College

The sudden appearance of ChatGPT is set to transform the college experience in unpredictable ways. Brunswick’s Eli Mundy, a recent graduate, shares his view.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade

Leadership - 09 FEBRUARY 2024

Mahomes Economics

What’s an NFL dynasty worth to Kansas City? By Kevin Helliker.

Martin Luther King, Jr

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 07 FEBRUARY 2024

MLK, Behind the Legend

In exposing his flaws, a new biography underscores his greatness.


Data and Analysis - 08 APRIL 2024

Will Data Help You Finish a Race?

Yes—but maybe not. It’s complicated. Scott Foster reports.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 06 FEBRUARY 2024

Canceling Cancel Culture

Co-authors Kenji Yoshino and David Glasgow think people would be more eager to be allies in DEI conversations if they weren’t so afraid of saying the wrong thing.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 06 FEBRUARY 2024

Signs of a New India

Brunswick Chairman Sir Alan Parker talks with Cyril Shroff, the leading corporate lawyer in Mumbai, about the prospects for the country’s journey and the opportunities ahead.

The economist Dambisa Moyo in New York on Sept. 7, 2021. (Guerin Blask/The New York Times)

Geopolitical and Regulatory - 01 FEBRUARY 2024

Dambisa Moyo

“The world we’ve been living in, where democratic, capitalistic states dominate, is a historical aberration,” says the global economist, author and board member. By Kevin Helliker.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 23 JANUARY 2024

Beyond the Backlash

2023 was the year of the backlash for ESG. Here’s our perspective on 8 key criticisms driving most of the debate, to help companies move beyond it in 2024. By Lucy Parker and Jon Miller.


Leadership - 18 JANUARY 2024

Chairman's Letter

This is not a temporary change, but a profound one. By Sir Alan Parker.

ZoomInfo_Simon McDougall_web

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 16 JANUARY 2024

A Privacy Expert on Profits, AI and ... Dystopian Sci-Fi

A wide-ranging conversation with ZoomInfo’s Chief Compliance Officer, Simon McDougall.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 10 JANUARY 2024


The Iowa Caucus played a famously large role in the career of Patti Solis Doyle, a Brunswick Partner who is Head of the firm’s US Public Affairs practice.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 09 JANUARY 2024

Decoding the Digital Transformation

With the explosion of AI in the workforce, tech education company Decoded is having one of its biggest years yet. Brunswick’s Kirsty Cameron talks with their CEO, Kathryn Parsons.


Crisis - 08 JANUARY 2024

Hot Strike Summer

Was 2023 the beginning of a labor comeback? By Brunswick’s Robert Moran.


Energy and Resources - 03 JANUARY 2024

Christopher Guérin

The CEO of the global energy cable supplier Nexans sees his “no-growth” strategy emphasizing profit, people and environment as a model. He talks to Brunswick’s Guillaume Maujean and Benoit Grange.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 02 JANUARY 2024

Tranformative Tech Leader

President and CEO Julie Iskow talks to Brunswick about Workiva’s reporting platform and the people-first approach that keeps the company among the top places to work. By Kai Goldynia and Carlton Wilkinson.


Finance - 22 DECEMBER 2023

India Makes Its Own Seat at the Table

Global dealmakers have grown accustomed to managing simultaneously the approaches of US, EU, Chinese and British anti-trust regulators. Now, a new global anti-trust policeman may emerge in Delhi. By Brunswick’s David Blackburn.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 21 DECEMBER 2023

An AI Conversation Unlike Any Other

How the EU regulates AI in healthcare could have implications far beyond the continent. Brunswick’s Francesca Scassellati Sforzolini reports.


Employee Engagement - 14 DECEMBER 2023

Happy Hour

A panel of Brunswick experts discusses the rewards and risks of drinking with colleagues.

TimAdams_web copy

Finance - 14 DECEMBER 2023

What's Keeping Finance CEOs Up at Night?

Few would know better than Tim Adams, President and CEO of the Institute of International Finance, whose members span 60 countries and include the most recognizable names in the industry. His answer: Technology.


Consumer Industries - 13 DECEMBER 2023

Style on Purpose: Ralph Lauren’s Katie Ioanilli

“I think anyone who sits on a Board or executive team now has a deeper understanding about the need for strong, strategic communications leadership,” says Ralph Lauren’s Chief Global Impact and Communications Officer.


Energy and Resources - 12 DECEMBER 2023

Energy Entrepreneur

Michael Polsky built the first half of his career on fossil fuels. Can he help the US get off them? By Stephen Power.

Whale shark

Energy and Resources - 06 DECEMBER 2023

The Language of Nature

In Galapagos, former corporate executive Ambre Tanty-Lamothe is making it her mission to grow biodiversity in the boardroom. By Carlton Wilkinson.


Leadership - 05 DECEMBER 2023

The Shape of a Leader

The Oxford Character Project Executive Director Dr. Ed Brooks talks to Brunswick’s Natasha Burroughs about raising the bar for leadership and business culture.


Consumer Industries - 04 DECEMBER 2023

What's Eating Onsite Workers?

Food and socializing opportunities in the workplace are increasingly on the minds of employees as they return to the office, a Compass survey finds. By Brunswick’s Tim Danaher.


Entertainment - 29 NOVEMBER 2023

Puzzle Wizard

Magician, puzzle maker and author David Kwong talks to Brunswick’s Preston Golson and Carlton Wilkinson about the magic of revealing the tricks of the trade.

Falguni Nayar_web

Consumer Industries - 28 NOVEMBER 2023

Eyes of the Beholder

Falguni Nayar created a multibillion-dollar beauty e-commerce market in India through her own brand and online platform. She talks to Brunswick’s Pavan Lall.


Leadership - 21 NOVEMBER 2023

Leave the First 100 Days to Napoleon and FDR

Incoming executives are expected to come armed with them, yet 100-day plans are dated and arbitrary. Brunswick Partner Bill Pendergast offers an alternative.

JohnRedgrave-web copy

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 14 NOVEMBER 2023

Building Safer Spaces Online

Every month, 150 million people use the communications platform Discord. Leading its Trust and Safety team is John Redgrave, who spoke with Brunswick’s Ash Spiegelberg, a Partner and Global Co-Head of the firm’s Technology, Media and Telecoms sector group, about the challenges—both human and technical—of that work.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 09 NOVEMBER 2023

Community Connoisseur

The alchemy of creating virtual communities has been at the heart of Amber Atherton’s career as an entrepreneur, investor and author. By Kirsty Cameron.

Saudi Women

Geopolitical and Regulatory - 09 NOVEMBER 2023

Women & Saudi Arabia

Female rights and opportunities may have been a long time coming in the Kingdom, but now they are coming at remarkable speed. By Youmna Naufal.


Crisis - 07 NOVEMBER 2023


Moody’s CEO Rob Fauber says that we’re living in a new era of risk. By Brunswick’s Craig Mullaney and Bill Pendergast.

Glamour Celebrates 2017 Women Of The Year Live Summit

Leadership - 07 NOVEMBER 2023

Katy George

When it comes to how, when and why we work, McKinsey’s Chief People Officer is the voice of the future. By Michael France and Noam Safier.

Imran Khan 1_web

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 11 OCTOBER 2023

Invite-Only Khanference

Tech founders, CEOs, and investors managing almost $1 trillion came to Dallas for two days of thought-provoking—and some off-the-record—conversations. Brunswick's Ash Spiegelberg spoke with the person who brought them together, Imran Khan.


Consumer Industries - 26 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Making of Kontoor Brands

Under CEO Scott Baxter, innovation is driving the ascent of Lee and Wrangler. By Senior Partner Jayne Rosefield.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 21 SEPTEMBER 2023

Prescription for a Healthy Planet

As the climate crisis deepens, Stanford Medicine is leveraging science and smart working practices to counter the threat to health. By Ben Hirschler and Jennifer Sukawaty.

Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks CEO

Leadership - 21 SEPTEMBER 2023

Barista in Chief

Meet Laxman Narasimhan, father, husband, son—and now CEO of Starbucks. By Nikhil Deogun.


Arts and Creative - 14 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Cyberneticist

Genevieve Bell, founding Director of the Australian National University’s School of Cybernetics, talks to Brunswick’s Alice Gibb.


Data and Analysis - 12 SEPTEMBER 2023

What do the Pope, Bill Gates, Oprah and Lebron James Have in Common?

Brunswick Insight’s Zayd Mabruk reports.


Crisis - 07 SEPTEMBER 2023

Profiles in Courage, Mental Health Chapter

Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy and the fight for a national mental health movement.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 05 SEPTEMBER 2023

Seeing China Clearly

Tao Wang, Chief China Economist for UBS Investment Bank, shares insights from her new book with Brunswick’s Andy Browne and Seth Faison.


Energy and Resources - 23 AUGUST 2023

The Sky is Not the Limit

Young entrepreneur Pawan Chandana left India’s state space agency to found his own rocket startup, a move that transformed the country’s space race. By Khozem Merchant and Sauradeep Chakraborty.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 01 AUGUST 2023

The World's Courtroom

By one count, there are more than 260 arbitration institutes worldwide. None is more trusted or popular in the Asia-Pacific region than the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. Brunswick speaks with its CEO, Gloria Lim.

BR_SEA_Andrea Maier

Healthcare and Life Sciences - 01 AUGUST 2023

Solving the Age-Old Puzzle

Dr. Andrea Maier chooses Singapore as a base of operation for groundbreaking work in healthy longevity research and clinical practice. By Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam.

Lim Siong Guan

Crisis - 01 AUGUST 2023

Can Singapore Fall?

Few know Singapore’s story as intimately as does Lim Siong Guan, whose 37-year career in government included senior roles at most every key ministry or institution.


Consumer Industries - 01 AUGUST 2023

Michelin-Starred Street Food

Singapore’s hawker centers stand apart for quality, variety, price and popularity. By Jay Koh and Gloria Hoh.

Gardens By The Bay – Supertrees Light Show Opens

Leadership - 01 AUGUST 2023

Our Southeast Asia Story

By Sir Alan Parker.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 01 AUGUST 2023

Singapore Years

A former journalist and Director of Communications for the World Bank, Peter Stephens reflects on the beauty of a city much misunderstood in the West.


Consumer Industries - 01 AUGUST 2023

A Different Kind of Travel

Caesar Indra is President of Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s largest online travel platform. He spoke with Brunswick’s Ayesha Khan about new trends—and travelers—shaping the region.

Jeannie Lim

Consumer Industries - 01 AUGUST 2023

All Roads Still Lead to Singapore

International arrivals fell 99.9% during the pandemic’s peak. Jeannie Lim of the Singapore Tourism Board discusses how the country’s tourism industry survived—and actually emerged stronger.


Crisis - 01 AUGUST 2023

Navigating the Deep Sea

Capital and companies are pouring into Southeast Asia. That means more attention for the region—and more competition. Sunitha Chalam, Head of Brunswick’s Singapore office, reports.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 01 AUGUST 2023

Southeast Asia's Land of the Unicorns

The playground of tech startup investors, Indonesia’s fast-growing economy is no myth.

LKY Musical_1

Arts and Creative - 01 AUGUST 2023

LKY The Musical

What began as a “crazy idea,” according to the people behind it, is today Singapore’s most successful homegrown musical—one that tells the story of the country’s founding and its founder. Brunswick’s Ben Fry reports.


Consumer Industries - 01 AUGUST 2023

Major Minor

His passion for business—and Thailand—underpin the resilience and success of Bill Heinecke’s Minor International, writes Michael Kearns.


Consumer Industries - 01 AUGUST 2023

Vietnam's Place in the Global Supply Chain

Two European experts on trade with Vietnam talk to Brunswick’s Thai Le about the country’s potential.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 01 AUGUST 2023

Indonesia: Change and Continuity

Upcoming elections mark a potential inflection point in the positive trends of ASEAN’s biggest economy, says Brunswick Senior Advisor Edward Lee.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 01 AUGUST 2023

Southeast Asia: Where Worlds Overlap

The traditional culture of indirectness and nuance offers the best path to preserving ASEAN’s unity and neutrality, the keys to its value in the global market, says Brunswick’s George Yeo.

Singapore skyline

Geopolitical and Regulatory - 01 AUGUST 2023

Punching Above Its Weight

Tiny Singapore boasts an outsized presence and performance across a huge range of areas.