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Education - 06 FEBRUARY 2023

Suzy Welch

In her part-time role as a business school professor, the Brunswick Senior Advisor and bestselling author is playing matchmaker between MBA students and industry. It’s an opportunity, often overlooked by both sides, that deserves attention particularly in this moment of massive tech layoffs, she tells Brunswick Partner Mike France.


Education - 18 OCTOBER 2022

Long Time Coming: A Labor Economist's Nobel Prize

Last autumn, David Card received the award for contrarian research he published long ago. By Beatrice Aronson.

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Crisis - 08 SEPTEMBER 2022

My So-Called College Years

As COVID restrictions recede, a UCLA senior begins to comprehend what she has lost. By Sydney Lester.

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Business and Society - 08 JUNE 2022

Lessons in Harmony

San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s President David Stull has a vision for music education in the 21st century—beginning with a new building. By Carlton Wilkinson.

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Business and Society - 02 JUNE 2022

Old School is the New School

Ferruccio Resta, who leads Milan’s oldest university, speaks with Brunswick about why he wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix or Amazon entered higher education, and what it takes for an institution to compete with the likes of Harvard, Oxford or MIT.