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Technology, Media and Telecoms


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Gillian Tett

Sensing that ESG signaled a lasting shift in the corporate world, she co-founded a Financial Times newsletter called Moral Money. By Charles Pretzlik & Tom Matthew.

thewfhissue_Accelerating Women in Tech_pic1

Leadership - 01 DECEMBER 2023

Accelerating Women in Tech

Will COVID-19 put gender diversity in the tech world on the backburner—or provide a crucial jolt to eradicate dated policies and thinking? Laura Stebbing, Co-CEO of accelerateHER, talks to Brunswick’s Meaghan Ramsey and Inez Bartram Vilar.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 07 MARCH 2024

The Woman in the Mirror

Unilever’s Arabic web platform Miraa hosts Arab women in an ongoing conversation on female beauty and healthcare.

On the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 22 FEBRUARY 2024

AI's Rough Road

Public fears of the latest AI technology are going to get worse before they get better, says Brunswick’s Robert Moran. But they will get better.


Consumer Industries - 16 FEBRUARY 2024

Leica's Century

CEO Matthias Harsch talks to Brunswick’s Karoline von Tschurtschenthaler and Kevin Helliker about the camera maker’s evolution and endurance.


Education - 12 FEBRUARY 2024

AI Goes to College

The sudden appearance of ChatGPT is set to transform the college experience in unpredictable ways. Brunswick’s Eli Mundy, a recent graduate, shares his view.

ZoomInfo_Simon McDougall_web

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 16 JANUARY 2024

A Privacy Expert on Profits, AI and ... Dystopian Sci-Fi

A wide-ranging conversation with ZoomInfo’s Chief Compliance Officer, Simon McDougall.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 09 JANUARY 2024

Decoding the Digital Transformation

With the explosion of AI in the workforce, tech education company Decoded is having one of its biggest years yet. Brunswick’s Kirsty Cameron talks with their CEO, Kathryn Parsons.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 02 JANUARY 2024

Tranformative Tech Leader

President and CEO Julie Iskow talks to Brunswick about Workiva’s reporting platform and the people-first approach that keeps the company among the top places to work. By Kai Goldynia and Carlton Wilkinson.

JohnRedgrave-web copy

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 14 NOVEMBER 2023

Building Safer Spaces Online

Every month, 150 million people use the communications platform Discord. Leading its Trust and Safety team is John Redgrave, who spoke with Brunswick’s Ash Spiegelberg, a Partner and Global Co-Head of the firm’s Technology, Media and Telecoms sector group, about the challenges—both human and technical—of that work.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 09 NOVEMBER 2023

Community Connoisseur

The alchemy of creating virtual communities has been at the heart of Amber Atherton’s career as an entrepreneur, investor and author. By Kirsty Cameron.

Imran Khan 1_web

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 11 OCTOBER 2023

Invite-Only Khanference

Tech founders, CEOs, and investors managing almost $1 trillion came to Dallas for two days of thought-provoking—and some off-the-record—conversations. Brunswick's Ash Spiegelberg spoke with the person who brought them together, Imran Khan.


Arts and Creative - 14 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Cyberneticist

Genevieve Bell, founding Director of the Australian National University’s School of Cybernetics, talks to Brunswick’s Alice Gibb.


Consumer Industries - 01 AUGUST 2023

A Different Kind of Travel

Caesar Indra is President of Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s largest online travel platform. He spoke with Brunswick’s Ayesha Khan about new trends—and travelers—shaping the region.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 01 AUGUST 2023

Southeast Asia's Land of the Unicorns

The playground of tech startup investors, Indonesia’s fast-growing economy is no myth.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 01 AUGUST 2023

Binge Empire

For Singapore-based Netflix Vice President Dean Garfield, local stories are the entertainment industry’s window to global resonance. He talks to Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam and Yan Tong Goh.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 17 JULY 2023

Be My Eyes

A talk with Mike Buckley, CEO of an app for blind and low-vision people. By his friend and former colleague, Mark Palmer.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 10 JULY 2023

Medical Superstar

At the intersection of technology, research and clinical care stands Verily’s Amy Abernethy. By Tanisha Carino and Jennifer Sukawaty.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

Cowboy Conservationist

America’s largest landowner tries to balance carbon, cattle and people. By Mark Robichaux.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

Going Local for Real-World Impact

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho, President and co-founder of the Amazon-focused “think and do tank” the Igarapé Institute, is an authoritative voice on climate security and biodiversity.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

Building “Digital Living Reefs” to Save Shorelines

Will Bateman, CEO of CCell, speaks with Brunswick’s Alex Burnett and Jack Stewart.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

An Antacid for the Ocean

Planetary Tech transforms mine waste into a carbon-removal tool. Peter Chargin, a Vice President at the company, speaks with Brunswick.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

New Solutions for the Oceans

At a time when so many stories about the oceans are dispiriting, Brunswick spoke with five companies, large and small, that inspire a sense of hope.


Energy and Resources - 24 APRIL 2023

Bird's Eye View

Satellite-based tracking of CO2 and methane emissions represent the dawn of a new era for business transparency, says Antoine Rostand, CEO of tracking platform Kayrros.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 30 MARCH 2023

Social Media and the British MP

UK lawmakers fear it, need it and know how to use it, our survey finds. By Bénédicte Earl.


Finance - 28 FEBRUARY 2023

A Seasoned VC Sees Virtue in Adversity

Downturns aren’t new to Silicon Valley, or to Abhinav Tiwari. By Kirsty Cameron.


Entertainment - 16 SEPTEMBER 2021

Ride of a Lifetime: A Conversation with Bob Iger

Brunswick founder Sir Alan Parker speaks with Executive Chairman and former CEO of Disney.

Rubenstein copy

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 27 JULY 2021

How to Lead

Leaders of many kinds fascinate David Rubenstein, author, TV host, private equity pioneer.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 13 OCTOBER 2020

Targeting Untruths

It’s a depressing fact that facts don’t carry the weight they once did, and still should. But there are ways to fight back against mis- and disinformation, says Brunswick’s Chad Giron.

thewfhissue_Inside IBM’s COVID-19 Response_banner

Leadership - 09 SEPTEMBER 2020

Inside IBM’s COVID-19 Response

CIO Fletcher Previn and his team “compressed 10 years of strategy into 10 weeks of execution,” reports Philip Delves Broughton.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 08 JUNE 2020

Adam Grant: WorkLife Leader

Sir Alan Parker poses three questions to Grant, the author of four New York Times bestselling books, the host of a chart-topping podcast called WorkLife and the organizational psychologist who for seven years has ranked as Wharton’s top-rated profess

thewfhissue_Above the Fray_banner

Healthcare and Life Sciences - 14 MAY 2020

Above the Fray

Adrian Gore, founder and CEO of Discovery Group, talks to Brunswick’s Marina Bidoli and Georgie Armstrong about working for the greater good and the power of positivity.

thewfhissue_Iconoclastic Economics Dambisa Moyo

Leadership - 15 OCTOBER 2020

Iconoclastic Economics: Dambisa Moyo

The fate of the global economy does not rest on the US election, says Dr. Moyo. “It’s bad, whatever happens.” By Kevin Helliker.


Leadership - 08 APRIL 2020

The Moment We Trained For

A (young) elder of UK government and politics on leadership amid the pandemic.


Leadership - 03 DECEMBER 2020

Connected Leadership: Communicating From the Outside-In

How can CEOs engage a WFH workforce? Fewer all-company emails and more social posts, says Craig Mullaney.


Business and Society - 15 FEBRUARY 2022

Power in Numbers

Silicon Valley high-flyer DocuSign publishes data on the race and ethnicity of its employees and senior leaders, information that isn’t always flattering. Brunswick spoke with DocuSign’s Chief People Officer on its commitment to transparency.


Leadership - 10 NOVEMBER 2022

The Storyteller

NBCUniversal’s Susan Rovner talks with Brunswick’s Morgan Snyder about building diversity in content and leadership.


Leadership - 06 OCTOBER 2022

Critical Moment

On July 12, 2022, the first public images from the James Webb Space Telescope proved a revelation.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 28 MARCH 2022

Adam Kovacevich

The founder and CEO of a new technology industry coalition speaks about anti-trust, key trends and why he’s a “techno-optimist.”


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 10 MAY 2022

Reimagining the Internet

Cisco Systems helped build the internet. Now it has asked naveen menon to launch offers designed to make it more accessible and equitable. By Cecilie Oerting and Michael Kearns.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 21 APRIL 2022

Africa's Digital Railroad

Cassava Technologies’ President and CEO Hardy Pemhiwa talks to Brunswick’s Carol Roos about the future of a connected continent.

lighting the future hero

Technology, Media and Telecoms - 23 AUGUST 2021

Lighting the Future

Professor Shuji Nakamura’s Nobel Prize-winning invention was the achievement of years of solitary, dedicated research. By Jessica Gang.

japan issue the right chemistry hero

Leadership - 21 JUNE 2022

The Right Chemistry

From baby diapers to electric vehicles, Nippon Shokubai’s portfolio touches all manner of sustainable products. CEO Yujiro Goto talks to Brunswick’s Daisuke Tsuchiya and Ayumi Ban about the secret behind the chemical company’s proprietary technology.