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Business and Society

Jeannie Lim

Business and Society - 01 AUGUST 2023

All Roads Still Lead to Singapore

International arrivals fell 99.9% during the pandemic’s peak. Jeannie Lim of the Singapore Tourism Board discusses how the country’s tourism industry survived—and actually emerged stronger.


Business and Society - 01 AUGUST 2023

The Great Energy Balancing Act

Governments and private enterprise must work together to solve the “trilemma” of a just energy transition, says Brunswick’s Maxim Petrov.

Nithi Patarachoke

Business and Society - 01 AUGUST 2023

In Conversation: Nithi Patarachoke

A President at Thailand-based SCG, formerly the Siam Cement Group, spoke with Brunswick about leadership, sustainability commitments and key trends set to shape Southeast Asia.


Business and Society - 20 JULY 2023

Defending Ukraine Against the Cold

Bombs and bullets destroyed millions of windows in Ukraine. A nonprofit has developed a way to install new ones in 15 minutes, for only $15. Brunswick speaks with founder Harry Blakiston Houston.


Business and Society - 17 FEBRUARY 2021

Activism for Humanity

Now a UK citizen, Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi draws on his experiences to battle inequality on all fronts—and he has a message for business.


Business and Society - 03 JUNE 2020

The Grandfather of Pride

In a new book, Dr. Eric Cervini spotlights early gay-rights pioneer Frank Kameny, a long-overlooked figure who helped launch a global movement. Wyatt Yankus reports.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023


An introduction to the fourth edition of the Brunswick Social Value Review from the Editors in Chief.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

Biodiversity Crisis

While climate is a well-established concern, mass extinction and ecosystem collapse loom equally large—and businesses are beginning to respond.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

Bird's Eye View

Satellite-based tracking of CO2 and methane emissions represent the dawn of a new era for business transparency, says Antoine Rostand, CEO of tracking platform Kayrros.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

No Net Zero without Nature

Preserving and restoring nature is a critical part of the climate solution. Brunswick asks two leaders of this effort to draw on their experience and highlight the role of business.