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Geopolitical and Regulatory


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

A Tale of Two COPs

A climate change COP in Egypt, a biodiversity COP in Montreal—confusing, yes? But their results work in tandem, pushing the world toward significant UN goals. Brunswick’s Phil Drew and Joseph Doyle explain.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

The Global Landscape

At the Paris Peace Forum, four experts discuss the challenges and expectations for business in confronting the world’s nature crisis, led by Brunswick’s Lucy Parker.


Foundations and Non-Profits - 19 APRIL 2023

America's Pandemic Leader

Following his history-making turn as COVID vaccine development lead for Operation Warp Speed, Matthew Hepburn oversees pandemic preparedness at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

BR23_Yergin web

Energy and Resources - 05 APRIL 2023

Daniel Yergin on Big Shovels, New Maps and Energy Transitions

After CERAWeek 2023—“the Super Bowl of Energy”—Brunswick caught up with the man at the heart of it.


Digital - 30 MARCH 2023

Social Media and the British MP

UK lawmakers fear it, need it and know how to use it, our survey finds. By Bénédicte Earl.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 18 MAY 2021

Goodbye, Angela Merkel

As her reign nears its end, Brunswick’s Carl Hohenthal recalls the politician he knew long before her 16 years as German Chancellor.

Crisis - 11 AUGUST 2020

The Unarmed Cop

How British police maintain law and order largely without the use of guns. By Kevin Helliker.

thewfhissue_Intelligence Report_banner

Crisis - 24 JUNE 2020

Intelligence Report

Two former CIA officers, now with Brunswick, discuss the past and future of the US.

thewfhissue_United for Africa_banner

Crisis - 04 MAY 2020

United for Africa

Brunswick’s Itumeleng Mahabane sees an opportunity in the dire global crisis.

thewfhissue_Iconoclastic Economics Dambisa Moyo

Geopolitical and Regulatory - 15 OCTOBER 2020

Iconoclastic Economics: Dambisa Moyo

The fate of the global economy does not rest on the US election, says Dr. Moyo. “It’s bad, whatever happens.” By Kevin Helliker.