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Foundations and Non-Profits


Business and Society - 20 JULY 2023

Defending Ukraine Against the Cold

Bombs and bullets destroyed millions of windows in Ukraine. A nonprofit has developed a way to install new ones in 15 minutes, for only $15. Brunswick speaks with founder Harry Blakiston Houston.


Foundations and Non-Profits - 19 APRIL 2023

America's Pandemic Leader

Following his history-making turn as COVID vaccine development lead for Operation Warp Speed, Matthew Hepburn oversees pandemic preparedness at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Crisis - 09 FEBRUARY 2023

Shaping Superhumans

Venture philanthropy expert and public health advocate Olga Rudneva talks to us about helping Ukraine’s wounded become living symbols of a new country. By Maria Figueroa Küpçü and Carlton Wilkinson.


Geopolitical and Regulatory - 20 APRIL 2022

Moving Mountains

In the wake of the fall of Kabul, a nonprofit’s focus shifted almost overnight from empowering young women to evacuating them. Brunswick’s Preston Golson reports.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 03 JANUARY 2023

Dame Sally

Founded by England’s former Chief Medical Officer, The Trinity Challenge is engineering a collaboration between health, technology and data, for the benefit of mankind.