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Healthcare and Life Sciences


Energy and Resources - 21 SEPTEMBER 2023

Prescription for a Healthy Planet

As the climate crisis deepens, Stanford Medicine is leveraging science and smart working practices to counter the threat to health. By Ben Hirschler and Jennifer Sukawaty.


Crisis - 07 SEPTEMBER 2023

Profiles in Courage, Mental Health Chapter

Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy and the fight for a national mental health movement.

BR_SEA_Andrea Maier

Healthcare and Life Sciences - 01 AUGUST 2023

Solving the Age-Old Puzzle

Dr. Andrea Maier chooses Singapore as a base of operation for groundbreaking work in healthy longevity research and clinical practice. By Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 17 JULY 2023

Be My Eyes

A talk with Mike Buckley, CEO of an app for blind and low-vision people. By his friend and former colleague, Mark Palmer.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 10 JULY 2023

Medical Superstar

At the intersection of technology, research and clinical care stands Verily’s Amy Abernethy. By Tanisha Carino and Jennifer Sukawaty.


Business and Society - 26 APRIL 2023

Health and Nature: A Critical Intersection

Not waiting for nature-positive standards, UK multinational GSK is taking action and a leadership role in the pharma and biotech sector. By Alastair Morton and Ellie Fallon.


Foundations and Non-Profits - 19 APRIL 2023

America's Pandemic Leader

Following his history-making turn as COVID vaccine development lead for Operation Warp Speed, Matthew Hepburn oversees pandemic preparedness at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 27 MARCH 2023

The EU’s Chance to Tackle Superbugs and Shortages

As the European Commission gets set to review the EU’s pharmaceutical legislation, two issues demand particular attention: ensuring supplies of key medicines, especially antibiotics—and encouraging the innovation needed to maintain the therapeutic options available, which come from having new and different antibiotics. Francesca Scassellati Sforzolini, Healthcare & Life Sciences Lead, Europe, reports.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 06 JANUARY 2023

Unlocking the Science of Healthy Aging

Anti-aging research is accelerating, with profound implications for society. By Ben Hirschler.


Crisis - 09 FEBRUARY 2023

Shaping Superhumans

Venture philanthropy expert and public health advocate Olga Rudneva talks to us about helping Ukraine’s wounded become living symbols of a new country. By Maria Figueroa Küpçü and Carlton Wilkinson.