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BSVR: The Backlash

MAY 2024




ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Gillian Tett

Sensing that ESG signaled a lasting shift in the corporate world, she co-founded a Financial Times newsletter called Moral Money. By Charles Pretzlik & Tom Matthew.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Listen Through the Noise

The title of this panel discussion of sustainable finance experts says it all: The Future of ESG.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

A Masterclass in Systems Change

Jeremy Oppenheim, Founder and Senior Partner of Systemiq, offers his views on how corporates can benefit from looking beyond traditional walls to become “system shapers.”


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

The Red Dot Becoming a Green Hub

Singapore wants to become Asia’s—and the world’s—sustainable finance center. That’s a big deal for ESG proponents—a possible model for blending ambition with pragmatism.


Energy and Resources - 02 MAY 2024

China's "Pragmatic" Energy Transition

Two experts on the country’s green energy program talk to Brunswick about the climate roadmap of the world’s second-largest economy.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - 02 MAY 2024

Why Investors are Looking at LGBTQ+ Inclusion

An Open For Business coalition study finds connections between transparent reporting and profits for investors.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

B Corp in APAC

Entrepreneurs in Singapore and Hong Kong are seeing advantages to the structured commitments a B Corp status provides. Daniel Del Re reports.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

An Activist Mindset in Systems Transformation

An excerpt from The Activist Leader by Jon Miller and Lucy Parker.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

COP28: What's Next

Fossil fuels flagged, carbon capture muted, new alliances formed, food systems on the table—Brunswick’s Wolfgang Blau & Phil Drew share key implications for business from the historic summit.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

How to Avoid Greenwashing

Corporate claims around climate change are coming under increasing scrutiny in Asia. A report co-written by the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) outlines the steps companies and investors need to take to avoid greenwashing. By Stacey Chow.


Crisis - 02 MAY 2024

The Resilience Imperative

Around the world, climate-related disruptions are no longer theoretical risks, but here-and-now realities for business. By Jon Miller.

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ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024


A climate scientist’s very good day in court.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

The Investor Case

ESG analysis is establishing itself as core business practice despite entrenched efforts to dismiss it, say Brunswick’s Dan Lambeth & Kanhai Parasharya.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

The Rise of ESG in the Boardroom

A larger perspective reveals growing investor pressure on the underlying issues. By Brunswick’s Pru Bennett and Rory Macpherson.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024


In the 5th edition of the Brunswick Social Value Review, we aim to find the signal in the noise.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

ESG Regulation Around the World

The global picture is complicated and in flux. But the momentum is clear.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

ISSB's Emmanuel Faber

A titan of business assumes the leadership of a sustainability nonprofit. By Pascal Lamy, Chair of Brunswick Europe.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 02 MAY 2024

Forward Faster

As CEO of the UN Global Compact, Sanda Ojiambo leads the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The world is “way off course” to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, she says. Business can help get it back on track.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 01 MAY 2024

Familial Footsteps

Ken Shibusawa is Japan’s leading voice on stakeholder capitalism. The Brunswick Senior Advisor reflects on the ESG landscape today, opportunities ahead for Japanese companies and the legacy of his famous ancestor, called “the father of Japanese capitalism.”


ESG and Sustainable Business - 24 APRIL 2024

ESG Checkup in Brazil

As a practical matter, long-term success demands ESG discipline, says Dr. Jeane Tsutsui, CEO of Brazilian medical diagnostics company Grupo Fleury. She speaks with Brunswick’s Roberta Lippi and Daniel Wiedemann about her journey.


Leadership - 05 MARCH 2024

Milken Institute CEO Richard Ditizio

Decades of careful listening inform his leadership. By Tanisha Carino and Molly Millerwise Meiners.


ESG and Sustainable Business - 23 JANUARY 2024

Beyond the Backlash

2023 was the year of the backlash for ESG. Here’s our perspective on 8 key criticisms driving most of the debate, to help companies move beyond it in 2024. By Lucy Parker and Jon Miller.