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The People Puzzle

Glamour Celebrates 2017 Women Of The Year Live Summit

Leadership – 07 NOVEMBER 2023

Katy George

When it comes to how, when and why we work, McKinsey’s Chief People Officer is the voice of the future. By Michael France and Noam Safier.

On the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Technology, Media and Telecoms – 22 FEBRUARY 2024

AI's Rough Road

Public fears of the latest AI technology are going to get worse before they get better, says Brunswick’s Robert Moran. But they will get better.

The economist Dambisa Moyo in New York on Sept. 7, 2021. (Guerin Blask/The New York Times)

Geopolitical and Regulatory – 01 FEBRUARY 2024

Dambisa Moyo

“The world we’ve been living in, where democratic, capitalistic states dominate, is a historical aberration,” says the global economist, author and board member. By Kevin Helliker.


Leadership – 18 JANUARY 2024

Chairman's Letter

This is not a temporary change, but a profound one. By Sir Alan Parker.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 10 JANUARY 2024


The Iowa Caucus played a famously large role in the career of Patti Solis Doyle, a Brunswick Partner who is Head of the firm’s US Public Affairs practice.

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Navigating the Presidential Rematch: Second Term Scenarios for Business Leaders

The US presidential election and battle for control of Congress carry profound policy implications that business leaders must be prepared to address no matter the outcome.

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The EU’s New Pharma Rules

Europe is updating its rules for how it regulates the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry – with far-reaching implications for its life sciences ecosystem. With the fine print to be negotiated over the coming months, companies still have time to make the case for innovation and ensure Europe doesn’t miss out on a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Read more

Generative AI and Misinformation: Implications for Business

Misinformation stemming from generative AI could cost organizations millions. Companies should prepare now to mitigate, monitor and respond to potential threats that can arise from bad actors using generative AI to create visual misinformation.

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Key Takeaways from CERAWeek 2024

This year’s CERAWeek known as “the Davos of Energy” centered on the question of how to meet increasing demand for power amid the transition to clean energy, and how to take advantage of the opportunities and anticipate and navigate risk.

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Aspen Ideas: Climate 2024

Aspen Ideas: Climate 2024 convened a diverse array of global and local stakeholders to tackle the challenges of climate change. Our experts in attendance shared their expertise across multiple panels, and outlined the 5 key takeaways for business.

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Milken Institute CEO Richard Ditizio

Decades of careful listening inform his leadership. By Tanisha Carino and Molly Millerwise Meiners.

05 MARCH 2024


Latest From the Review


Energy and Resources – 21 MARCH 2024

What Do Your Tax Returns Have to Do with the US’s Clean Energy Transition?

More than you’d expect, according to Sourav Bhowmick, Chief of Staff in the Treasury’s IRA Implementation Office.


Healthcare and Life Sciences – 29 FEBRUARY 2024

Engineering Life

From “green” chemicals to carbon-neutral cement, the power of microbes to make industrial materials could play a key role in the transition away from fossil fuels. Brunswick’s Ben Hirschler reports.


Healthcare and Life Sciences – 22 FEBRUARY 2024

Cleveland Clinic's London Calling

A new hospital brings to the UK both state-of-the-art technology and a distinctive approach to care. Brunswick’s Aideen Lee and Kathleen Lang report.

Kellogg_Reveal_SocialPost-Times Square

Consumer Industries – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Mr. Kellogg Would Approve

A spinoff that offered enormous opportunity for a 118-year-old company also posed challenges for executives determined to chart a new course while honoring the legacy of their founder.


Consumer Industries – 16 FEBRUARY 2024

Leica's Century

CEO Matthias Harsch talks to Brunswick’s Karoline von Tschurtschenthaler and Kevin Helliker about the camera maker’s evolution and endurance.


Education – 12 FEBRUARY 2024

AI Goes to College

The sudden appearance of ChatGPT is set to transform the college experience in unpredictable ways. Brunswick’s Eli Mundy, a recent graduate, shares his view.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade

Leadership – 09 FEBRUARY 2024

Mahomes Economics

What’s an NFL dynasty worth to Kansas City? By Kevin Helliker.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 06 FEBRUARY 2024

Signs of a New India

Brunswick Chairman Sir Alan Parker talks with Cyril Shroff, the leading corporate lawyer in Mumbai, about the prospects for the country’s journey and the opportunities ahead.


Technology, Media and Telecoms – 01 AUGUST 2023

Binge Empire

For Singapore-based Netflix Vice President Dean Garfield, local stories are the entertainment industry’s window to global resonance. He talks to Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam and Yan Tong Goh.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 01 AUGUST 2023

The World's Courtroom

By one count, there are more than 260 arbitration institutes worldwide. None is more trusted or popular in the Asia-Pacific region than the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. Brunswick speaks with its CEO, Gloria Lim.

BR_SEA_Andrea Maier

Healthcare and Life Sciences – 01 AUGUST 2023

Solving the Age-Old Puzzle

Dr. Andrea Maier chooses Singapore as a base of operation for groundbreaking work in healthy longevity research and clinical practice. By Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam.

Lim Siong Guan

Crisis – 01 AUGUST 2023

Can Singapore Fall?

Few know Singapore’s story as intimately as does Lim Siong Guan, whose 37-year career in government included senior roles at most every key ministry or institution.


Consumer Industries – 01 AUGUST 2023

Michelin-Starred Street Food

Singapore’s hawker centers stand apart for quality, variety, price and popularity. By Jay Koh and Gloria Hoh.

Gardens By The Bay – Supertrees Light Show Opens

Leadership – 01 AUGUST 2023

Our Southeast Asia Story

By Sir Alan Parker.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 01 AUGUST 2023

Singapore Years

A former journalist and Director of Communications for the World Bank, Peter Stephens reflects on the beauty of a city much misunderstood in the West.

Jeannie Lim

Consumer Industries – 01 AUGUST 2023

All Roads Still Lead to Singapore

International arrivals fell 99.9% during the pandemic’s peak. Jeannie Lim of the Singapore Tourism Board discusses how the country’s tourism industry survived—and actually emerged stronger.

Social Value Review


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Nature Targets with Teeth

Science-based targets revolutionized business action on climate. They’re poised to do the same for nature. Leaders from three businesses in the vanguard of this dizzyingly complex—and critical—work talk about shaping the new standards.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Taking on Nature Loss at Scale

McDonald’s is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, operating in over 100 countries. Chief Sustainability Officer Jenny McColloch discusses how a business of that scale is addressing biodiversity loss and the emerging global food crisis.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Rooted in the Soil

PepsiCo’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President Jim Andrew talks to Brunswick’s Brendan Riley and Lucy Parker about the company’s actions and commitments to regenerative agriculture.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Zebra Saving Rhino

Why is a bank on the frontlines of the fight to save the rhino from extinction? Brunswick’s Graeme Coetzee and Kevin Helliker report.