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Technology, Media and Telecoms – 01 AUGUST 2023

Southeast Asia's Land of the Unicorns

The playground of tech startup investors, Indonesia’s fast-growing economy is no myth.


Consumer Industries – 01 AUGUST 2023

Binge Empire

For Singapore-based Netflix Vice President Dean Garfield, local stories are the entertainment industry’s window to global resonance. He talks to Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam and Yan Tong Goh.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 01 AUGUST 2023

The World's Courtroom

By one count, there are more than 260 arbitration institutes worldwide. None is more trusted or popular in the Asia-Pacific region than the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. Brunswick speaks with its CEO, Gloria Lim.

BR_SEA_Andrea Maier

Healthcare and Life Sciences – 01 AUGUST 2023

Solving the Age-Old Puzzle

Dr. Andrea Maier chooses Singapore as a base of operation for groundbreaking work in healthy longevity research and clinical practice. By Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam.

Lim Siong Guan

Crisis – 01 AUGUST 2023

Can Singapore Fall?

Few know Singapore’s story as intimately as does Lim Siong Guan, whose 37-year career in government included senior roles at most every key ministry or institution.

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Recruiting the Next Generation: Insights for Energy Companies on Attracting Top Talent

The energy transition is upon us, with the prevailing perception that those who are slow to adapt risk being left behind as the world moves toward a low-carbon economy.

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COP28 Update: World Leaders Summit, Climate x Health and Finance Day

The first five days of COP28 saw a significant number of new agreements.

Substantial progress has been made on a “loss and damage” fund for the most vulnerable nations, as well as on eliminating methane emissions and addressing the impact of global warming on human health.

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Brunswick’s Global State of Philanthropy Survey

Brunswick’s inaugural global survey of public attitudes toward philanthropy uncovers widespread global support for philanthropy, key criticisms and opportunities to better engage the public on the role and impact of giving.

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COP28 Preview: Energy, Climate Finance, and the Future of COP

There are five key themes to watch for at COP28,  which runs from November 30 to December 12: implications for energy, pressure and opportunity for financial institutions, transforming food systems and nature, scrutiny of corporate action and the future of the COP process itself.

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The Future of Genomics: A View from the Boardroom

One million people have signed up for a large-scale population study with Our Future Health, the world’s largest genomic healthcare initiative.
Brunswick’s Ayesha Bharmal and Ben Hirschler sat down with board member Adrian Hennah to learn more about the potential of genomics, getting the public on board, and building a resource that truly reflects a population.

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Barista in Chief

Meet Laxman Narasimhan, father, husband, son—and now CEO of Starbucks. By Nikhil Deogun.


Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks CEO

Latest From the Review


Education – 05 DECEMBER 2023

The Shape of a Leader

The Oxford Character Project Executive Director Dr. Ed Brooks talks to Brunswick’s Natasha Burroughs about raising the bar for leadership and business culture.


Consumer Industries – 04 DECEMBER 2023

What's Eating Onsite Workers?

Food and socializing opportunities in the workplace are increasingly on the minds of employees as they return to the office, a Compass survey finds. By Brunswick’s Tim Danaher.


Arts and Creative – 29 NOVEMBER 2023

Puzzle Wizard

Magician, puzzle maker and author David Kwong talks to Brunswick’s Preston Golson and Carlton Wilkinson about the magic of revealing the tricks of the trade.

Falguni Nayar_web

Consumer Industries – 28 NOVEMBER 2023

Eyes of the Beholder

Falguni Nayar created a multibillion-dollar beauty e-commerce market in India through her own brand and online platform. She talks to Brunswick’s Pavan Lall.


Leadership – 21 NOVEMBER 2023

Leave the First 100 Days to Napoleon and FDR

Incoming executives are expected to come armed with them, yet 100-day plans are dated and arbitrary. Brunswick Partner Bill Pendergast offers an alternative.

JohnRedgrave-web copy

Technology, Media and Telecoms – 14 NOVEMBER 2023

Building Safer Spaces Online

Every month, 150 million people use the communications platform Discord. Leading its Trust and Safety team is John Redgrave, who spoke with Brunswick’s Ash Spiegelberg, a Partner and Global Co-Head of the firm’s Technology, Media and Telecoms sector group, about the challenges—both human and technical—of that work.


Crisis – 07 NOVEMBER 2023


Moody’s CEO Rob Fauber says that we’re living in a new era of risk. By Brunswick’s Craig Mullaney and Bill Pendergast.

Glamour Celebrates 2017 Women Of The Year Live Summit

Employee Engagement – 07 NOVEMBER 2023

Katy George

When it comes to how, when and why we work, McKinsey’s Chief People Officer is the voice of the future. By Michael France and Noam Safier.

Social Value Review


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023


An introduction to the fourth edition of the Brunswick Social Value Review from the Editors in Chief.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Biodiversity Crisis

While climate is a well-established concern, mass extinction and ecosystem collapse loom equally large—and businesses are beginning to respond.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Bird's Eye View

Satellite-based tracking of CO2 and methane emissions represent the dawn of a new era for business transparency, says Antoine Rostand, CEO of tracking platform Kayrros.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

No Net Zero without Nature

Preserving and restoring nature is a critical part of the climate solution. Brunswick asks two leaders of this effort to draw on their experience and highlight the role of business.


BR23_Yergin web

Energy and Resources – 05 APRIL 2023

Daniel Yergin on Big Shovels, New Maps and Energy Transitions

After CERAWeek 2023—“the Super Bowl of Energy”—Brunswick caught up with the man at the heart of it.


Crisis – 23 FEBRUARY 2023

A Port Authority on the Great Untangling

What caused the logjam? What eased it? What’s the economic outlook? Insight from Gene Seroka, Chief of America’s busiest port. By Stephanie Heise.

SuzyWelch0704_web copy

Education – 06 FEBRUARY 2023

Suzy Welch

In her part-time role as a business school professor, the Brunswick Senior Advisor and bestselling author is playing matchmaker between MBA students and industry. It’s an opportunity, often overlooked by both sides, that deserves attention particularly in this moment of massive tech layoffs, she tells Brunswick Partner Mike France.

acceleration issue Construction Supplier hero

Industrials and Infrastructure – 14 JULY 2022

America's Construction Supplier

First to arrive at US construction sites, Ferguson is last to leave. Brunswick talks with CEO Kevin Murphy.