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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – 18 JUNE 2024

The National Juneteenth Museum Breaks New Ground

Its goal is to help write a new story, not just memorialize history, says CEO Jarred Howard. He spoke to Brunswick’s Peter Dillon and Travis Malone weeks before the museum was set to begin construction in Fort Worth.


Arts and Creative – 26 JUNE 2024

Indian Art Revolution

Interest in the country’s artists has created a surge in valuations that shows no signs of stopping. By Pavan Lall.


Crisis – 12 JUNE 2024

Charting Biden’s Climate Course

Joe Biden promised to end new drilling on federal lands. It didn’t work out that way. A former top aide explains why, and what it means for the US fight against climate change. By Stephen Power and Emily Buczynski.


Professional Services – 30 MAY 2024

Beyond the Language Barrier

Doing business in the China region requires on-the-ground fluency of languages and culture, says Jenny Shan, Brunswick’s Manager of Translation in Hong Kong.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 28 MAY 2024

Three EU Candidates

Ahead of the European Parliament election, Brunswick talks with three incumbents on issues facing the EU.

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Second-Term Scenarios: The Economic Tools Shaping Foreign Policy and Geopolitics Under Biden or Trump

Given the breadth and depth of the geopolitical challenges facing industries around the world, the stakes have never been higher for businesses.

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EU Election Results: A Shaken Status Quo, but a Focus on Competitiveness Remains

Elections for the European Parliament were held June 6-9, and the results indicate a significant voter shift to the far right that will challenge the status quo of centrist politicians and policies. Brunswick convened an expert panel to review the results and assess how they will impact businesses in the region.

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UK General Election Called for 4 July

The UK’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has called a general election to take place on 4 July 2024. The boldness of the election timing may still not be enough to help the Conservatives close the gap on Labour.

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The Healthcare World Is Considering an AI Future

The subject of AI and healthcare raises unique concerns around topics like data and the role of human connection in the age of rapidly advancing technology.

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Navigating the Future of EU Healthcare

Healthcare is going to be one of the most important issues on the ballot for the European elections in June, a Brunswick survey of 2,000 residents of France, Germany, Italy and Spain found.

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Critical Moment: Paris Olympics, 1924

With the 2024 Games returning to Paris this summer, we look back at the 1924 Paris Olympics.

People Puzzle – 15 APRIL 2024

Paavo Nurmi Winning 5,000 Meter Race

Social Value Review: Backlash


ESG and Sustainable Business – 02 MAY 2024

Gillian Tett

Sensing that ESG signaled a lasting shift in the corporate world, she co-founded a Financial Times newsletter called Moral Money. By Charles Pretzlik & Tom Matthew.


ESG and Sustainable Business – 02 MAY 2024

ISSB's Emmanuel Faber

A titan of business assumes the leadership of a sustainability nonprofit. By Pascal Lamy, Chair of Brunswick Europe.


ESG and Sustainable Business – 02 MAY 2024

Listen Through the Noise

The title of this panel discussion of sustainable finance experts says it all: The Future of ESG.


ESG and Sustainable Business – 02 MAY 2024

A Masterclass in Systems Change

Jeremy Oppenheim, Founder and Senior Partner of Systemiq, offers his views on how corporates can benefit from looking beyond traditional walls to become “system shapers.”


ESG and Sustainable Business – 02 MAY 2024

The Red Dot Becoming a Green Hub

Singapore wants to become Asia’s—and the world’s—sustainable finance center. That’s a big deal for ESG proponents—a possible model for blending ambition with pragmatism.


Energy and Resources – 02 MAY 2024

China's "Pragmatic" Energy Transition

Two experts on the country’s green energy program talk to Brunswick about the climate roadmap of the world’s second-largest economy.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – 02 MAY 2024

Why Investors are Looking at LGBTQ+ Inclusion

An Open For Business coalition study finds connections between transparent reporting and profits for investors.


ESG and Sustainable Business – 02 MAY 2024

B Corp in APAC

Entrepreneurs in Singapore and Hong Kong are seeing advantages to the structured commitments a B Corp status provides. Daniel Del Re reports.


Finance – 25 JANUARY 2023

Rock Star of Taxation

With the OECD from 2012 to 2022, Pascal Saint-Amans electrified tax policy discussions and crafted the global minimum corporate tax and other reforms that will have a profound effect on the global economy in coming years. Now a Brunswick Partner, he talks to Carlton Wilkinson.

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Industrials and Infrastructure – 06 FEBRUARY 2023

Suzy Welch

In her part-time role as a business school professor, the Brunswick Senior Advisor and bestselling author is playing matchmaker between MBA students and industry. It’s an opportunity, often overlooked by both sides, that deserves attention particularly in this moment of massive tech layoffs, she tells Brunswick Partner Mike France.


Industrials and Infrastructure – 23 FEBRUARY 2023

A Port Authority on the Great Untangling

What caused the logjam? What eased it? What’s the economic outlook? Insight from Gene Seroka, Chief of America’s busiest port. By Stephanie Heise.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 30 MARCH 2023

Social Media and the British MP

UK lawmakers fear it, need it and know how to use it, our survey finds. By Bénédicte Earl.

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Energy and Resources – 05 APRIL 2023

Daniel Yergin on Big Shovels, New Maps and Energy Transitions

After CERAWeek 2023—“the Super Bowl of Energy”—Brunswick caught up with the man at the heart of it.


Consumer Industries – 15 MAY 2023

Love Letter from Oscar Munoz

A new book by the former United Airlines CEO pays tribute to the carrier’s workforce.

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Consumer Industries – 05 JULY 2023

The Argument for Silence

Smart negotiators and leaders often say little, in favor of listening, says Dan Lyons, author of "The Power of Keeping Your Mouth Shut." He talks to Brunswick’s Kavi Reddy.


Healthcare and Life Sciences – 10 JULY 2023

Medical Superstar

At the intersection of technology, research and clinical care stands Verily’s Amy Abernethy. By Tanisha Carino and Jennifer Sukawaty.



Technology, Media and Telecoms – 01 AUGUST 2023

Binge Empire

For Singapore-based Netflix Vice President Dean Garfield, local stories are the entertainment industry’s window to global resonance. He talks to Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam and Yan Tong Goh.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 01 AUGUST 2023

The World's Courtroom

By one count, there are more than 260 arbitration institutes worldwide. None is more trusted or popular in the Asia-Pacific region than the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. Brunswick speaks with its CEO, Gloria Lim.

BR_SEA_Andrea Maier

Healthcare and Life Sciences – 01 AUGUST 2023

Solving the Age-Old Puzzle

Dr. Andrea Maier chooses Singapore as a base of operation for groundbreaking work in healthy longevity research and clinical practice. By Brunswick’s Sunitha Chalam.

Lim Siong Guan

Crisis – 01 AUGUST 2023

Can Singapore Fall?

Few know Singapore’s story as intimately as does Lim Siong Guan, whose 37-year career in government included senior roles at most every key ministry or institution.