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2020 The Age of Acceleration

There are moments in history when everything seems to accelerate. Ten years in one. 2020 is such a moment. By Alan Parker.


Crisis - 23 DECEMBER 2020

Introduction to The WFH Issue

One legacy of the pandemic is the arrival in general parlance of “WFH.” So named, this edition of our magazine brings you Brunswick Review stories posted online during the first months of the pandemic.

thewfhissue_Too Black & Not Black Enough_banner

07 AUGUST 2020

Too Black & Not Black Enough

Brunswick’s Hayley Singleton, a woman of mixed race, reflects on the conversations, judgments and perspective that come with “existing in two worlds.”


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 27 OCTOBER 2020

Testing Times

Brunswick’s Ben Hirschler describes taking part in a COVID-19 vaccine trial as part of the historic global effort to halt the disease.

thewfhissue_he Unarmed Cop_pic1

Crisis - 11 AUGUST 2020

The Unarmed Cop

How British police maintain law and order largely without the use of guns. By Kevin Helliker.

thewfhissue_The George Floyd Outrage US Workers Speak_pic1

Data and Analysis - 18 JUNE 2020

The George Floyd Outrage: US Workers Speak

Brunswick Insight’s poll of employees reveals how they would like their companies to respond. By Mara Riemer.

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Crisis - 24 JUNE 2020

Intelligence Report

Two former CIA officers, now with Brunswick, discuss the past and future of the US.

thewfhissue_Accelerating Women in Tech_pic1

Leadership - 11 JUNE 2020

Accelerating Women in Tech

Will COVID-19 put gender diversity in the tech world on the backburner—or provide a crucial jolt to eradicate dated policies and thinking? Laura Stebbing, Co-CEO of accelerateHER, talks to Brunswick’s Meaghan Ramsey and Inez Bartram Vilar.

thewfhissue_United for Africa_banner

Crisis - 04 MAY 2020

United for Africa

Brunswick’s Itumeleng Mahabane sees an opportunity in the dire global crisis.


Data and Analysis - 06 DECEMBER 2022

Race Against Time

The pharmaceutical industry is seizing the moment to both help lift society out of the pandemic and rebuild its own reputation. The clock is ticking. By Brunswick’s Ben Hirschler and Jeremy Ruch.


Consumer Industries - 23 DECEMBER 2020


The global menswear brand’s CEO, grandson of its founder, tells Brunswick’s Natasha Aleksandrov, Lidia Fornasiero and Brendan Riley how his grandfather’s commitment to social value still guides the company.


Cybersecurity - 13 OCTOBER 2020

Targeting Untruths

It’s a depressing fact that facts don’t carry the weight they once did, and still should. But there are ways to fight back against mis- and disinformation, says Brunswick’s Chad Giron.

thewfhissue_Half a World Away_banner

22 JULY 2020

Half a World Away

What does “work from home” mean when work is New York, but home is India? Vedika Kumar, from Brunswick’s New York office, shares her pandemic perspective.

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Leadership - 17 JULY 2020

In Millennials We Trust

Left holding the bag, they will correct the mistakes of their predecessors, says Brunswick’s Jennifer Huffman.

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Crisis - 09 SEPTEMBER 2020

Inside IBM’s COVID-19 Response

CIO Fletcher Previn and his team “compressed 10 years of strategy into 10 weeks of execution,” reports Philip Delves Broughton.

thewfhissue_The Woman in the Mirror_banner

Consumer Industries - 01 MAY 2020

The Woman in the Mirror

Unilever’s Arabic web platform Miraa hosts Arab women in an ongoing conversation on female beauty and healthcare. Brunswick’s Tasha Young reports.


Technology, Media and Telecoms - 08 JUNE 2020

Adam Grant: WorkLife Leader

Sir Alan Parker poses three questions to Grant, the author of four New York Times bestselling books, the host of a chart-topping podcast called WorkLife and the organizational psychologist who for seven years has ranked as Wharton’s top-rated profess


Consumer Industries - 20 OCTOBER 2020

Success on Your Own Terms

Shellye Archambeau was one of Silicon Valley’s first African American female CEOs. She spoke with us about her new book, the Business Roundtable’s effects inside the boardroom and why she “detests” work-life balance.


Arts and Creative - 10 SEPTEMBER 2020

Silicon Valley's Hall of Fame Swimmer

She entered the water hoping to regain her mobility. She became a record-breaking aquatic marathoner. By Craig Mullaney.

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Crisis - 29 APRIL 2020

Deployment: WFH

A retired Four-Star Admiral, accustomed to long confinements at sea, offered counsel in April on how to navigate the tough times ahead.

thewfhissue_Above the Fray_banner

Healthcare and Life Sciences - 14 MAY 2020

Above the Fray

Adrian Gore, founder and CEO of Discovery Group, talks to Brunswick’s Marina Bidoli and Georgie Armstrong about working for the greater good and the power of positivity.

thewfhissue_When Your Crisis Story Hits Chapter 11_banner

Crisis - 20 APRIL 2020

When Your Crisis Story Hits Chapter 11

The current rough passage may not end with COVID-19. Brunswick’s Jonathan Doorley and Will Rasmussen lay out steps to take now.

thewfhissue_India Epicenter

Crisis - 22 APRIL 2020

India Epicenter

One state’s readiness could serve as a model for the nation and the world. “Coronavirus Slayer” K.K. Shailaja, Kerala’s Health Minister, talks to Brunswick’s Khozem Merchant.


01 OCTOBER 2020

The New Yorker

For years, my KC cap was a symbol of resistance. Then the pandemic struck.

thewfhissue_Iconoclastic Economics Dambisa Moyo

Geopolitical and Regulatory - 15 OCTOBER 2020

Iconoclastic Economics: Dambisa Moyo

The fate of the global economy does not rest on the US election, says Dr. Moyo. “It’s bad, whatever happens.” By Kevin Helliker.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 25 MARCH 2020

A Physician's Physician

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb talks to Brunswick’s Raul Damas about the evolution of medicine in the US.


Crisis - 08 APRIL 2020

The Moment We Trained For

A (young) elder of UK government and politics on leadership amid the pandemic.


Crisis - 01 APRIL 2020

Crisis Revisited

In March 2020, Neal Wolin saw perils darker than in early ‘09.


Digital - 03 DECEMBER 2020

Connected Leadership: Communicating From the Outside-In

How can CEOs engage a WFH workforce? Fewer all-company emails and more social posts, says Craig Mullaney.


Finance - 20 APRIL 2020

Private Equity Visionary

Gerald Parsky talks with Brunswick’s Harry W. Clark about how the pandemic is re-shaping the priorities of private equity and society.


Leadership - 06 MAY 2020

Five Life-Saving Leadership Principles

Famed explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes talks to Alex Blake-Milton about the discipline needed to achieve a goal no other has done.


26 MAY 2020


Brunswick Contracts and Data Manager Graham Carter recalls his late wife's courage.


Consumer Industries - 09 DECEMBER 2020

In Conversation: McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski

He took charge of McDonald’s amid an executive scandal and soon found himself facing the most serious global pandemic in a century. He spoke with Brunswick’s Jayne Rosefield.


Healthcare and Life Sciences - 23 DECEMBER 2020

Critical Moment

As a child in Gloucestershire, England in the 1760s, Edward Jenner, creator of the first widely used vaccine, overheard a dairy maid say, “I shall never have smallpox because I have had cowpox. I shall never have an ugly pockmarked face.”

the WFH issue_mcdonalds

Arts and Creative - 28 MARCH 2020

The Calculus of Audra McDonald

Winner of the most Tony Awards in history, she is “probably the most talented person on the planet.” By Carlton Wilkinson.

theWFHissue_Churchill and the Flu

Leadership - 23 MARCH 2020

Churchill and the Flu

CEOs and business leaders are having to take decisions with potential life or death consequences. Andrew Roberts explores how Winston Churchill was shaped by pandemic, and what lessons his leadership holds.

japan issue_Abenomics The Sequel_banner

Leadership - 16 JUNE 2022

Abenomics: The Sequel

In fall of 2020, Brunswick’s Yoichiro Sato, a former member of Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's office, offered his insights into the outgoing prime minister’s power and how his policies could fare under the new Suga administration. By Daisuke Tsuchiya.

Japan Issue_Familiar Face of Good_banner

Finance - 21 JUNE 2022

Familiar Face of Good

Centuries-old traditions in Asia offer new value. By Tim Payne, Joanna Donne, Daisuke Tsuchiya and Yoichiro Sato.