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The Nature Issue

Brunswick Social Value

Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Taking on Nature Loss at Scale

McDonald’s is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, operating in over 100 countries. Chief Sustainability Officer Jenny McColloch discusses how a business of that scale is addressing biodiversity loss and the emerging global food crisis.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023


An introduction to the fourth edition of the Brunswick Social Value Review from the Editors in Chief.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Biodiversity Crisis

While climate is a well-established concern, mass extinction and ecosystem collapse loom equally large—and businesses are beginning to respond.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Bird's Eye View

Satellite-based tracking of CO2 and methane emissions represent the dawn of a new era for business transparency, says Antoine Rostand, CEO of tracking platform Kayrros.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

No Net Zero without Nature

Preserving and restoring nature is a critical part of the climate solution. Brunswick asks two leaders of this effort to draw on their experience and highlight the role of business.

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Life Sciences: A View from the Boardroom

After a decade-long bull run, emerging life science companies are grappling with a punishing market downturn. Rather than hunkering down and hoping for better times, biotech leaders must lean into the crisis and think strategically, according to Dr. Annalisa Jenkins.

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Life Sciences: A View from the City of London

After years of plenty – culminating in the largesse of 2020/21 when COVID-19 turbo-charged investment – pharma and biotech companies now face tougher times. Dale Raine sat down with Brunswick’s Charis Gresser and Ben Hirschler to discuss sector dynamics.

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Japan’s Historic Defense Transformation

Japan is poised to increase its defense spending from 1% to 2% of GDP over the next five years. The surge in investment will present significant growth potential in the defense business for companies around the world.

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Labor Organizing in Higher Education

Higher education has become one of the most visible and volatile fronts in the resurgence of organized labor in the US. Sector leaders and those who advise them should pay close attention to emerging issues in this rapidly changing environment.

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APAC M&A: Challenges to Revival

M&A activities in Asia Pacific (APAC) lagged in the latter half of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. As companies in the region adapt, there is some optimism regarding an anticipated upward trend toward the second half of the year.

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Love Letter from Oscar Munoz

A new book by the former United Airlines CEO pays tribute to the carrier’s workforce.

15 MAY 2023


On Health


Foundations and Non-Profits – 19 APRIL 2023

America's Pandemic Leader

Following his history-making turn as COVID vaccine development lead for Operation Warp Speed, Matthew Hepburn oversees pandemic preparedness at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Healthcare and Life Sciences – 27 MARCH 2023

The EU’s Chance to Tackle Superbugs and Shortages

As the European Commission gets set to review the EU’s pharmaceutical legislation, two issues demand particular attention: ensuring supplies of key medicines, especially antibiotics—and encouraging the innovation needed to maintain the therapeutic options available, which come from having new and different antibiotics. Francesca Scassellati Sforzolini, Healthcare & Life Sciences Lead, Europe, reports.


Crisis – 09 FEBRUARY 2023

Shaping Superhumans

Venture philanthropy expert and public health advocate Olga Rudneva talks to us about helping Ukraine’s wounded become living symbols of a new country. By Maria Figueroa Küpçü and Carlton Wilkinson.


Healthcare and Life Sciences – 06 JANUARY 2023

Unlocking the Science of Healthy Aging

Anti-aging research is accelerating, with profound implications for society. By Ben Hirschler.



Finance – 28 FEBRUARY 2023

A Seasoned VC Sees Virtue in Adversity

Downturns aren’t new to Silicon Valley, or to Abhinav Tiwari. By Kirsty Cameron.


Crisis – 23 FEBRUARY 2023

A Port Authority on the Great Untangling

What caused the logjam? What eased it? What’s the economic outlook? Insight from Gene Seroka, Chief of America’s busiest port. By Stephanie Heise.


Finance – 25 JANUARY 2023

Rock Star of Taxation

With the OECD from 2012 to 2022, Pascal Saint-Amans electrified tax policy discussions and crafted the global minimum corporate tax and other reforms that will have a profound effect on the global economy in coming years. Now a Brunswick Partner, he talks to Carlton Wilkinson.

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Leadership – 15 NOVEMBER 2022

McKinsey's Unorthodox GC

On paper, Pierre Gentin is a legal All Star. In person, he’s a lot more. By Michael France and Kevin Helliker.


Consumer Industries – 12 NOVEMBER 2022

Unapologetically, Uniquely Us

Monique “Mo” Matheson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Nike Inc., talks to Brunswick about the shift in employee experience, HR’s role, the power of teams and what it means to be uniquely Nike.


Entertainment – 10 NOVEMBER 2022

The Storyteller

NBCUniversal’s Susan Rovner talks with Brunswick’s Morgan Snyder about building diversity in content and leadership.


Leadership – 10 NOVEMBER 2022

Catching Up with Aedamar Comiskey

Linklaters’ first female Senior Partner loves leading a firm that embraces change. Brunswick’s Kim Fletcher reports.


Consumer Industries – 02 NOVEMBER 2022

The Wizard of Ads

How deep insight into products and consumers transformed one man into “The Father of Advertising.” By Matt Shepherd-Smith.