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Consumer Industries – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Mr. Kellogg Would Approve

A spinoff that offered enormous opportunity for a 118-year-old company also posed challenges for executives determined to chart a new course while honoring the legacy of their founder.


Consumer Industries – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Kellanova Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane

Guided by the example of founder William Keith Kellogg, Cahillane executed a transformation of considerable consequence across the global food industry.


Consumer Industries – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Spirit of the Founder

Transparency and empathy guided the spinoff that created Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co. By Kris Bahner.


Consumer Industries – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

WK Kellogg Co Chairman and CEO Gary Pilnick

He’s the leader of a new cereal company with century-old roots and a venerable name—WK Kellogg Co.


Consumer Industries – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Legacy Rooted in Family

Once she was a Battle Creek reporter charged with covering Kellogg Co. Now the first Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for the new WK Kellogg Co, Stacy Flathau shares her story and her view of the spinoff.

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Five Insights from Munich Cyber Security Conference 2024

This year’s Munich Cyber Security Conference brought together the largest ever delegation of cyber professionals around the world from government, the corporate world, and civil society. Brunswick took part in multiple panels at the event spanning the threat landscape, regulation, and what comes next.

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Indonesia Elections 2024

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto has emerged victorious in Indonesia’s elections, according to early results. The new government’s term starts in October, with a strong focus on economic growth to achieve Indonesia’s goal of becoming a top-five global economy by 2045.

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The Outlook for UK Life Sciences: A View from the Industry

As the head of the trade body leading negotiations with the government on pricing and other matters, Richard Torbett has a front-row seat on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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What Does Effective Employee Engagement Look Like to Gen Z?

In an era when the extractives industry has struggled to attract the next generation of talent, companies that focus on providing one-of-a-kind growth experiences, innovation and a place for individuality can set themselves apart.

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Reflections on Davos 2024

The 2024 WEF Annual Meeting in Davos illustrated the multitude and variety of issues business leaders are facing daily: polarizing geopolitical issues, ethical discussions around artificial intelligence, the impact of elections for over half the world’s population and the opportunities and challenges in emerging markets

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Barista in Chief

Meet Laxman Narasimhan, father, husband, son—and now CEO of Starbucks. By Nikhil Deogun.

People Puzzle – 21 SEPTEMBER 2023

Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks CEO

Latest From the Review


Healthcare and Life Sciences – 22 FEBRUARY 2024

Cleveland Clinic's London Calling

A new hospital brings to the UK both state-of-the-art technology and a distinctive approach to care. Brunswick’s Aideen Lee and Kathleen Lang report.


Consumer Industries – 16 FEBRUARY 2024

Leica's Century

CEO Matthias Harsch talks to Brunswick’s Karoline von Tschurtschenthaler and Kevin Helliker about the camera maker’s evolution and endurance.


Education – 12 FEBRUARY 2024

AI Goes to College

The sudden appearance of ChatGPT is set to transform the college experience in unpredictable ways. Brunswick’s Eli Mundy, a recent graduate, shares his view.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade

Entertainment – 09 FEBRUARY 2024

Mahomes Economics

What’s an NFL dynasty worth to Kansas City? By Kevin Helliker.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 06 FEBRUARY 2024

Signs of a New India

Brunswick Chairman Sir Alan Parker talks with Cyril Shroff, the leading corporate lawyer in Mumbai, about the prospects for the country’s journey and the opportunities ahead.


Business and Society – 23 JANUARY 2024

Beyond the Backlash

2023 was the year of the backlash for ESG. Here’s our perspective on 8 key criticisms driving most of the debate, to help companies move beyond it in 2024. By Lucy Parker and Jon Miller.

ZoomInfo_Simon McDougall_web

Technology, Media and Telecoms – 16 JANUARY 2024

A Privacy Expert on Profits, AI and … Dystopian Sci-Fi

A wide-ranging conversation with ZoomInfo’s Chief Compliance Officer, Simon McDougall.


Technology, Media and Telecoms – 09 JANUARY 2024

Decoding the Digital Transformation

With the explosion of AI in the workforce, tech education company Decoded is having one of its biggest years yet. Brunswick’s Kirsty Cameron talks with their CEO, Kathryn Parsons.

The People Puzzle

On the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Technology, Media and Telecoms – 22 FEBRUARY 2024

AI's Rough Road

Public fears of the latest AI technology are going to get worse before they get better, says Brunswick’s Robert Moran. But they will get better.

The economist Dambisa Moyo in New York on Sept. 7, 2021. (Guerin Blask/The New York Times)

Crisis – 01 FEBRUARY 2024

Dambisa Moyo

“The world we’ve been living in, where democratic, capitalistic states dominate, is a historical aberration,” says the global economist, author and board member. By Kevin Helliker.


Leadership – 18 JANUARY 2024

Chairman's Letter

This is not a temporary change, but a profound one. By Sir Alan Parker.


Geopolitical and Regulatory – 10 JANUARY 2024


The Iowa Caucus played a famously large role in the career of Patti Solis Doyle, a Brunswick Partner who is Head of the firm’s US Public Affairs practice.


Crisis – 08 JANUARY 2024

Hot Strike Summer

Was 2023 the beginning of a labor comeback? By Brunswick’s Robert Moran.


Energy and Resources – 03 JANUARY 2024

Christopher Guérin

The CEO of the global energy cable supplier Nexans sees his “no-growth” strategy emphasizing profit, people and environment as a model. He talks to Brunswick’s Guillaume Maujean and Benoit Grange.


Leadership – 02 JANUARY 2024

Tranformative Tech Leader

President and CEO Julie Iskow talks to Brunswick about Workiva’s reporting platform and the people-first approach that keeps the company among the top places to work. By Kai Goldynia and Carlton Wilkinson.


Employee Engagement – 14 DECEMBER 2023

Happy Hour

A panel of Brunswick experts discusses the rewards and risks of drinking with colleagues.

Social Value Review


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Nature Targets with Teeth

Science-based targets revolutionized business action on climate. They’re poised to do the same for nature. Leaders from three businesses in the vanguard of this dizzyingly complex—and critical—work talk about shaping the new standards.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Taking on Nature Loss at Scale

McDonald’s is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, operating in over 100 countries. Chief Sustainability Officer Jenny McColloch discusses how a business of that scale is addressing biodiversity loss and the emerging global food crisis.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Rooted in the Soil

PepsiCo’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President Jim Andrew talks to Brunswick’s Brendan Riley and Lucy Parker about the company’s actions and commitments to regenerative agriculture.


Business and Society – 26 APRIL 2023

Zebra Saving Rhino

Why is a bank on the frontlines of the fight to save the rhino from extinction? Brunswick’s Graeme Coetzee and Kevin Helliker report.